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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Way to Make Daddy Feel Old

Sometimes Nathan comes up with the best stuff to make his parents feel young and special. HAHA Jerry and I aren't that old but he sure makes us feel that way....

Daddy, did they even have tv when you were little?

Mommy, is this the first song ever made when Daddy was a boy? (although I can't remember what song were were listening to, I do remember it was popular when I was in high school)

You didn't have cell phones when you were little? How did people call you? The house phone son. Ummm, but what if you weren't home? You could only talk to people if you were at home?

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  1. And we didn't have internet. It was REALLY cool if you had a friend that actually owned a full set of Encyclopedia Britanica that was fewer than ten years old (you were allowed to work on your reports at their house).