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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Taco *ell

Yesterday I visited my husband at work. The princess and I were hungry so we went up stairs and got some Taco Bell.

I placed my order and got my change. There was a lady in front of me waiting for her food so I watched the people making stuff. And watching one worker clean the counters. She had gloves on as not to get the chemicals in the sanitation bucket on her hands. I wouldn't want that stuff on my hands either - that stuff probably is toxic! Oh, well now there were two orders - better make this lady's stuff. She tossed the rag back into the bucket and proceeded to make my food.

Anybody notice she didn't get new gloves on???

So I say "Umm, excuse me!" And she looks at me.

"I just watched you put your hands in that dirty water to wash the counters and then you are touching my food. REALLY???"

She rollled her eyes. Then she threw my food away. Her boss says what's wrong and she told her what I had said. I watched her put new gloves on and remake my food.

I will still go to Taco Bell but I will watch those people like crazy. That was ridiculous. Like, I'm glad they are cleaning their counters and all; but don't touch my food with that nasty water.


  1. Just in case you didn't know the beef filling is only 40% meat at Taco Bell proved by the FDA. Not sure what the other 60% is.