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Monday, November 1, 2010

Staples & Halloween

What an eventful weekend.....

Saturday Andrew had a friend ("C") over for a few hours. At one point Annabelle, Andrew, C, Nathan and I were all outside. My heavy front door was open and the screen was closed. Nathan somehow locked the screen door and shut it. Leaving us all outside. We were all on the front porch.... "Andrew watch your sister make sure she doesn't fall". Sure enough while I'm trying to jimmy the door back open she falls down the porch stairs. There are only 3 so it wasn't too bad. But she cried and now has a scraped up eye. My princess is damaged :( Jerry got home shortly after. Jerry went outside to play football with Andrew, C, and Nathan. "Honey - no tackle someone will get hurt and I would prefer it not to be C". "Oh, their just fine!" says Jerry. I go to the neighbor's house so Annabelle can climb on their playset and play with the two girls. Jerry screams "BECCA NOW" and I look over to see him carrying Nathan and Nathan is screaming. "Whatever Jerry" because I just assume Nathan is throwing a temper tantrum (this happens often lol) "HE'S BLEEDING EVERYWHERE!" Jerry yells back. Ummm, yeah - so I snatch up Annabelle and run back home. Poor baby girl her little head was bouncing everywhere but she was laughing. I get on the porch Nathan & Jerry both are covered in blood and it is spewing from everywhere off Nathan's head. I run inside grab a towel and have Jerry apply pressure. Andrew & C get in the car to go back to C's house (they were going to a Halloween party); Jerry changes clothes; we get clean clothes on Nathan; everyone get in the car. 3 staples to the melon for Nate :( but he's okay

Sunday at 6pm I took the kids trick-or-treating. Daddy was at home passing out the candy. Annabelle only went one street and we brought her back home. Andrew, Nathan and I walked 3 streets. Then we broke down and came home to get the car. Good thing trick-or-treating lasts for 2 hours here! The kids ended up with some good loot but are not really all about sharing.

J: "Does this make us bad parents?" As he's digging through Andrew's candy bag

B: "Ummm, no. It makes us like every other parent out there." As I'm digging through Nate's bag. *giggle giggle*

J: "You think our parents did this when we were growing up?"

B: "I don't know about your parents but I know mine did!"

Good thing they got so much to share with us! lol

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  1. LMAO.

    Our pastor talked about tithing that weekend - and said our children should learn about tithing by giving 10% of their candy to their father!! LOL We ate chocolate till we puked.

    At least Nate's scar is on the back of his head - and not right across his forehead like Scott's!