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Monday, November 29, 2010

Monday Morning Quarter Back

So Thanksgiving has come and gone. It was a great time. My parents came from Massachusettes (yeah, i prolly spelled that wrong but don't really care to double check). They brought my sister and nephew with them. My sister and nephew went to my mother's for the holiday so I didn't really get to see them much :(

Donovan is growing so much and I wish I could see him on a more regular basis. While he was here the boys and him ran around the house making all sorts of noise. Do you know how much noise 3 EXCITED boys can make? Let me tell you, it was LOUD! But it's all good. Funny thing happened: My sister was changing Donovan's diaper and when he was done and got up Annabelle laid right down for Aunt Kimmy to change her diaper too. LOL

On Black Friday, Kristen and I participated in Purple Thursday (?). Toys R Us was open at 10pm. When we got there at 8pm the line was already to the back of the store. But we decided to wait in the car anyway thinking the line would move quickly at 10pm. Well, at 10 we walk up to the door in the FREEZING RAIN. Only to find out they were only letting 50 people in at a time and waiting 20 minutes inbetween bunches. Ahhh, no. It would take hours at that point to get in there. So we went to Walmart and got all our stuff. Got in line by 11. We were, like, number 4 in line at the check out. We werre outta there by 12:30am. Swing back by Toys R Us, umm, yeah, the line was still like an hour long. So we came back home and went to sleep until 5. After that we headed back out. It was a good time. Got most of my Christmas shopping done. And I had a great time hanging out with Kris. Just me and her, no kids, and no husbands. :)

Saturday morning we all headed to Chuck E Cheese. The boys LOVE that place. It was a great time. Saturday afternoon my mother brought my sister back here. The kids played together for a little while and then Dad, Kris, Kim and Donovan piled back into the car to go home. :(

They weren't here very long but long enough to get Jerry sick. And my mother, my aunt, and grandmother. hahahaha Donovan did not get his Aunt Becca sick cause he loves me :)

Now it's Monday morning and I am still trying to get my house back in order after being so lazy yesterday. And doing some internet shopping. But as of yet I am not very impressed with the Cyber Monday deals.

Hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving. Now on to Christmas!

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