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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Citizens Hold My $$ Hostage

As I informed everyone we bought a new car on October 22. We signed up for new insurance through Citizens Insurance a subsidiary of Hanover Insurance. Cancelled my policy with Allstate and got my refund from them on Tuesday the 26.

I was to have Allstate fax to Citizens "dec" page of my policy. The "dec" page shows the limits of my coverage. I did not have the exceptional amount of coverage so I was no longer able to take advantage of the discount through Citizens.

I called around and decided to go through another company, Bristol West. On October 26 I cancelled my policy with Citizens. I was told I should receive my refund "within a couple a days".

So I called last Wednesday as I think 2 weeks is sufficient time to issue my refund. RIGHT? My agent told me she received the notice that my policy was cancelled effective 10-26, my refund would be blah blah blah, and it will be direct deposited into my account. Fabulous. When will that be? "Oh, you should see it in the next couple a days". So I have been checking my account like a freak. Hey, guess what, it's not there!

So I called my agent again today. She's in class all day and can call me tomorrow. Umm, no. So the lovely secretary helped me. "Yes, the refund has been processed and is scheduled to release 11-16". OMFG WHAT ANOTHER WEEK! I don't think so. Why is it taking so long? "Umm, not sure I can get back to you". Nope, just give me the 800 number to Citizens I will call them myself.

"Citizens Insurance may I help you". I need to talk to someone about my refund from cancelling my policy. "Just a moment"

"Hi this is Diane C. what can I do for you" So I gave her my information. "Yep, your policy is cancelled and we will issue your refund the 16". Umm, no. I want my money today. You cannot hold my money hostage for 4 weeks. "Well our system is manual and we are a little slow". NOT MY PROBLEM "Well, I can put in a request to rush the money" What will that get me? The money on the 15? No thanks, how about today. "Well the payment will issue 10 days after the cancellation". Umm this is way past 10 days. "10 days after the cancellation is processed which was Nov 1". RIGHT tomorrow is Nov 10 so I should have it tomorrow right? "Umm, no". But that's 10 days. "it might take your bank 3-5 days to accept it" So you got nothing for me. "I understand your frustration but we are working as hard as we can" Obviously not or I would already have my money.

Needless to say I hung up on her. I AM FURIOUS!! I have called the Better Business Bureau and filed a complaint. Cause I tried to call back and speak to a Manager/Team Leader/Supervisor/SOMEONE IN CHARGE/NOT DIANE C. - yeah - that lady is gone all week.

I am waiting for a call back from my agent. Something needs to be done. And I know that I am usually quick to anger but I don't think 2 weeks is unreasonable for a refund. Or lets say even tomorrow which will be 3 weeks, that's pushing it but fine. I can handle that *grumble grumble*. 4 WEEKS IS RIDICULOUS!! UNACCEPTABLE! AINT GONNA FLY HERE!

And why if you have my cancellation processed why is the payment not scheduled to release until 11-16? Seems to me that's why you are so "slow" why didn't you release my payment the day you processed my cancellation. This is BS.

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