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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I am NOT a Lame Parent

Okay, since everyone is talking about the Toyota Highlander commercial I thought I would jump on the band wagon and weigh in too, although I appear to be in the minority and an _________ (insert insult here) person.

This commercial CRACKS ME UP!!! I find it utterly hilarious. And for various reasons. I laugh at the dad washing the wood-grain panel van in cut off shorts and knee high socks (before I was born my dad dressed like that). I laugh that the kid is dressed like an 80's punk rocker. I laugh that his parents apparently use the kid as a mop because why else would his hair be that long? I laugh that he says something along the lines of "nice ride Mrs. whatever" a. like he's trying to hit on her; and b. like she actually cares what he thinks. I also laugh at the one where the kid is stuck in the back while his parents sing some 80's hit on repeat. For the life of me I cannot remember what song it is and it is killing me.

I guess I don't see it as they are saying the parent is lame for what kind of car they drive but for what they are doing/wearing. Even though I know that's what the point is. Because you don't see the parent with the van or station wagon dressed like they belong in this decade like you do the lady driving the Highlander.

When I was growing up my mother had a wood-grain panel van. SUPER LAME. But did I think it was still super lame when I got my license and was allowed to take it wherever I wanted. Nope. It was awesome. I could cart a zillion friends in that thing. And it was durable. I even put it in the ditch one snowy night, a guy with a tractor pulled it out. NOT A SCRATCH ON IT!! WOOT WOOT! Now I didn't have to tell my mom; and I didn't until years later. To which I got a "Becca Kaye!" and an eye roll.

When I was, like, 14 my dad had a Mustang. It was awesome. My dad, Kris, Rufus, Kim, and I were out shopping and my dad had parked on a side street. I got to the car before everyone else. There were some boys hanging out on a bench. I thought I would be cool and lean up against the hood like it was my car (even though it was abundantly obvious that I was nowhere near driving age). My dad saw what I was doing and set off the car alarm. LAMEO McLAMERSON My face was sooo red. I coulda killed him. And my dad wore MC Hammer pants like it was a fashion statement. Ummm, no Dad.

People are saying a lot of negative stuff about these ads. But try to think back when you were that age or 13. Did you really think your parents were "cool"? Ummm, no. It doesn't matter what parents have or don't have.... your kids are going to think you are lame regardless.

My boys currently think I am lame for: not buying new halloween costumes when we got ones from the cousins that were perfectly fine; going to the bus stop with them every morning; not letting them stay up as late as they want on a school night; still making them go to bed at a decent time on weekends; making them clean their room, brush their teeth, and take showers; making Andrew bring home his math book; making them do homework; caring about their school grades..... Oh, the list goes on and on.....

And just for the record, I think the Highlander is LAME, cause it's not American. As my father-in-law is retired from GM American cars are all we buy. The GM Family discount helps out too.

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