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Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Wooohoooo! Dancing with the Stars was on last night; and let me just disclaimer: I have never watched this show before. But alas, I am a Kate Gosselin fan. They sucked me in. If it wasn't for her I wouldn't have wasted those two hours of my life last night. You know I can't ever get those two hours back!

So....the list of stars (well, the ones I can remember):

Buzz Aldrin, ya know one of the first guys to step on the moon? He's 80 years old! IT WAS TERRIBLE! And his poor dance partner, Ashly. She doesn't even stand a chance. It's sad they stuck that man on the show. I think they were just trying to get old people to watch.

Shannon Daugherty of 90210 fame. Oh yeah, and Scare Tactics. She cried. I mean, really? She cried? 'Cause her dad was in the audience. I'm all for the 'oh, I just want to make my dad proud' kind of moment. But this is Shannon. I think she's getting soft in her old age; the Shannon we know would never have cried. She did pretty good for being a cry baby.

Chad Ochosinco, he's a football player. Don't ask me which team; I don't really care. Nor is this an invite to tell me which team. I have a husband I can ask. I call him Chad 85. That's his football number. He legally changed his name to Ochosinco. He's retarted. I thought he did okay.

Erin Andrews, the ESPN reporter. The one that had her hotel room bugged with video cameras by other ESPN staff. I don't think she looks all that great. She looks kinda frumpy. WTF, why take pics of her? Even my husband wasn't impressed. And on a show like that they couldn't do something else with her hair. I used to wear my hair like that all the time lady! It wasn't that great of a performance either.

Aiden Turner, the soap star. He's on All My Children. He's got a nice voice and he's pretty good to look at. That's pretty much all I can remember about him. Ooooo, but he has been seen out clubbing with Kate. She said 'he can talk to me all day, i love his accent'.

Nicey Nash, Reno 911 or Clean House. I love that lady. All sassy attitude. She's great. Her performance, eh, left a little to be desired. And something was wrong with her makeup. I like her better on her shows. And the back fat? WTF! Not that I have lost my baby weight but they couldn't put a spanx on her? Poor girl.

Jake Pavelka the Bachelor. But I guess he isn't really a bachelor anymore since he proposed to Vivienne. I know, I know... I prolly spelled her name wrong, but who cares? She won't be reading this and you all know what I meant. He did pretty good. He, of course, danced to Seal's 'kissed by a rose'. WHO DIDN'T SEE THAT COMING??

Pamela Anderson.... everyone knows who she is. Ever don a red bathing suit and run slow motion on the beach. You know every girl did that. Well.... Her performance. I thought this show was supposed to be, like, G rated. Not this girl. But what do you expect from a girl that video taped herself on a swing with her (now ex) hubby?

Kate Gosselin, from Jon & Kate plus 8, if you don't know who she is you must have been living under a rock for the past 5 years. Pretty dress, pretty hair, no smile save the fake one she put on. Her dance partner asked her if she really wanted to be there. She said yes but her face said no. I get it, she was nervous. Of all the people on there she has no experience doing anything but being a mommy and book writer. Her performance SUCKED. I mean, it was real bad.

I know there are a bunch of people I forgot but those ones are the ones that stuck out to me. Hopefully my girl Kate can come back next week. We'll see. It doesn't look too good for her. But then again; it doesn't look good for any of them. They all weren't that great. Not that I'm a professional dancer but that's why I keep my but behind this computer and just judge everyone else!

So, here's to Kate, Pam, and all the rest...keep up the good work. It has to get easier from here on out. Best of Luck to all of you.

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