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Monday, August 30, 2010

Catching up and forcasting

I want to be more diligent posting to my blog. I want to be able to keep a record of all the fabulousness that is happening in our lives. I promise (mostly to myself, as I am the only one reading this) that I will post at least once a week.

Just a little catching up.....

This summer we took our annual 4th of July vacation to Cape Cod. The party was fabulous and fun as always. Kev burned his hand baaadddd when he tried to light 40 sparklers at once. Guess what if one catches they all will and kaboom. Burnage for Kev. Good job. Rufus and Hana were able to make it. They appeared about an hour before the party started. And I got to see the nephew. Donovan is so precious. Annnnd now he hollers BECCCAAAA all the time. When he's in trouble or has to go to bed when he doesn't want to "Aunt Becca!" Sorry baby, I ain't gonna come a runnin'! I miss him and I <3 him.

Jerry went to Ohio for Career Development School for work. He left me and the babies for 4 days. It sucked to be without him. But he did some bonding that will help him in the future.

September is upon us. That means so much for our family.... Annabelle turns one; Nathan turns six; School starts on the 7th; Daddy goes to Orlando for work for a week; and the start of Fall.

WE LOVE FALL. We hope to go to the Apple Orchard and Pumpkin Patch this September/October. Jerry and I just love the smell of the donuts at the apple orchard. And I always start baking more. We are both looking forward to that. Although I don't know that our waistlines are. Oh well. And seeing all the trees change color. Hopefully we can take a drive to see all the color.

Then comes winter....Ahhhh. Jerry and I are soooo looking forward to Christmas with our kids this year. Annabelle will be 15 months and "get it". Jerry will be working nonstop, but that will just make us enjoy our time with him that much more. And we are looking forward to the first snow of the year. It brings such a crispness to life.

Well, here goes. Hope I can keep up with this.

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  1. LMAO- Just when I finally stop stalking your blog you finally post something. xoxox